Camp Nowhere [prod. choco.bear]


New flows over Aesop Rock’s ‘Forest Crunk’ instrumental from the Daylight EP.

Accident Prone “PrettyNice” (demo)

A little something from me & DRSTRNGLUV.

Wavey Oceans ft. Niko Darklee — Goldfinger

recently hopped on this track w/ the homie Wavey O.

For Right Now

This song goes back. I just scrapped it from ‘No Good’ but I still fuck with it so here you go.


Here it is, the last of my vault releases. Starting the year off with a clean slate.


The second-to-last of my oldies, then we can get into newer shit and everything should start sounding more consistent … fux wit it.

Accident Prone “Don’t Stop”

Sometime next year DRSTRNGLUV and I will be releasing our first project as the producer/rapper duo Accident Prone.

STRNG & I have been working together for a while, If you visit my soundcloud you can see some of the early tracks we have together (he’ll be listed as DJ Pete Ret). About 2 years ago we started work on a tape that eventually got scrapped due to us both growing individually during a hiatus we took to focus on our lives/school. This is one of the casualties of that project and the last track we made before coming back stronger, better, faster. So stay tuned for some really dope stuff from us in the future, you haven’t even heard the half.


Office Space feat. Sean Elliot

a quickie.